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Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding Pharmacy

At SMP Pharmacy Solutions we use customized medication preparations that contain the highest quality ingredients in the best vehicle to most efficiently provide the needed drug to the affected area. We believe in the triad of care. We work together with patient and practitioner to solve problems by customizing medications that meet the specific needs of each individual.

What is Compounding?

Patients can think of compounding as a pharmacy’s truest, original form of drug-therapy. Compounding is the science of preparing customized and personalized prescription medications for patients. Compounding creates a more effective way for medication to be delivered to your body.

Through compounding, pharmacists are able to transform prescription pills into easier to ingest forms such as liquid, gummies, lollipops and more. This is great for children and adults who have difficulties swallowing prescription pills. In addition to dosage forms, compounding pharmacists are also able to:

SMP Pharmacy Solutions provides compounding solutions to ensure all of our patients’ needs are met. As a specialty pharmacy, it is our goal to provide services to patients’ with unique needs and requirements.

Who Is Eligible For Compounding Pharmacy Services

All SMP Pharmacy Solutions patients are able to take advantage of our compounding solutions. Taking medication daily shouldn’t be a task and SMP Pharmacy Solutions wants to make it as easy as possible. The following patients seem to benefit the most from compounding solutions:

Ask a South Miami Pharmacist today about compounding options for your prescription medication. Make life easier on yourself, loved ones and even pets by receiving easy-to-take meds in a variety of forms and flavors.

Medication Dosage Forms Using Compounding

The great thing about compounding, is the fact that patients are not restricted to typical forms of dosage. There is a wide variety of forms South Miami Pharmacists can change your medication to. Some of the most common medications transformations include:

Fill out our online form, or call a South Miami Pharmacist representative to find out all the different ways you can have your medication modified.

Compound Pharmacy Pain Cream For Pain Management

Many patients are on prescription medications to help manage chronic pain. These patients are some of the best candidates for compounding solutions at SMP Pharmacy Solutions.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions can take pain management medication and turn it into a pain management cream that can be applied directly to the site of pain. Many pain medications can be hard on the body because they use the liver as a pathway to the area of the body in pain. A topical pain management cream eliminates this pathway and delivers the pain medication directly to the source.

Other pain relief creams include: migraine relief cream, diaper rash cream & wound healing cream.

Compounding for Women’s and Men’s Health

Women’s Health

Bio-identical Hormone Cream (BHRT)

Compound Pharmacy Pain Cream

Women typically use bio-identical hormone cream when they are going through menopause. When replacing the body’s hormones, we believe it’s more appropriate to utilize ingredients, which the body recognizes as its own instead of hormones from animals, or synthetic versions, which could not have the right potency.

Common compounds found in bio-identical hormone creams include:

SMP Pharmacy Solutions works with patients and physicians to customize a natural hormone replacement therapy plan design specifically for each woman’s unique needs.

Men’s Health

SMP Pharmacy Solutions provides compounding solutions for men with low testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction. To learn more about low testosterone and how SMP Pharmacy Solutions can help, fill out our online form or schedule a consultation with a pharmacist today.

Contact SMP Pharmacy Solutions for Medication Compounding

Take your medications the way you want to take them. Transform boring pills into great tasting liquids, candies, and gummies today. Fill out our online form or call 855-255-5006 to speak with an SMP Pharmacy Solutions pharmacist about your compounding options.

Compounded Medication Delivery

Get your compounded medications delivered for free to your home each month! SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers free next day delivery to ensure no patient has to go a day without taking their medications.Compounding Pharmacy Miami

Why Sign Up for Free Home Delivery?

By signing up for free next day delivery for your compounded prescriptions, you are not only saving time and money, but you are also saving the worry! Driving back and forth between the pharmacy each month is time consuming and not always convenient. Instead of heading to the pharmacy in-between meetings, after work, and before soccer games, sit back and relax as SMP Pharmacy Solutions delivers your compounded medications right to your door.

Who Can Sign Up for Free Home Delivery?

SMP Pharmacy Solutions doesn’t exclude anyone from our free compounded medications delivery services. We want to make medication adherence easy for all our patients regardless of age, prescription type, or location. Because we deliver medications all over the United States, our patients do not have to worry about living close to the pharmacy. We also provide a 24/7 phone line for patients who need to speak with a pharmacist right away.

Refilling Compounded Prescriptions with Medication Delivery

To further cut down on your trips to the pharmacy, SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers online prescription refills so you can re-order your prescriptions from home. Just fill out our online form with the following information to get started:

After all the information on the online form is complete, submit the form and a South Miami Pharmacist will contact you shortly to confirm the compounded medication order has been processed. Please allow 24 hours for all compounded medication processing.

Get Your Compounded Medications Delivered for Free!

Enjoy your afternoons and evenings knowing that SMP Pharmacy Solutions is securely delivering your compounded prescription medications right to your door. Sign up for free next day compounded medication delivery today by calling 855-255-5006 and speaking with an SMP Solutions team member today.


Transfer Medication

Medication transfer for your compounded prescriptions is quick and simple with SMP Pharmacy Solutions. To get started, fill out our online medication transfer form or visit the South Miami office to drop off your prescription in person.

After submitting the medication transfer form, sit back and relax while a South Miami Pharmacist processes your order. Compounded prescriptions will take about 24 hours to transfer, but as soon as we receive your order, a team member will contact you right away.

After receiving the compounded medication request form, our team of pharmacists will do the following:

To receive more information about SMP Pharmacy Solutions and to learn how you can transfer your prescription over, please fill out our online contact form or give us a call at  855-255-5006. For after-hour inquiries or emergencies, please call our 24/7 line at 786-999-3030.

About Our App

Getting compounded prescriptions filled is about to get even easier. The team at SMP Pharmacy Solutions is in the process of developing the SMP Pharmacy Solutions app for patients to refill orders on the go.

Patients will be able to find the app for free in the Apple app store and with Google play. After the app is downloaded, patients will create a profile with important patient details and medication information about their compounded prescriptions.

Once the profile is compete, patients will be able to order prescription refills on their compounded medications, choose pick-up or free next day delivery, and set alarms and reminders to take their medications.

Request more information regarding our soon-to-come SMP Pharmacy Solutions app by filling out the online form or call 855-255-5006 and speak with a SMP Pharmacy Solutions staff member today.

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